Our Instructors

All the teachers at the Centre are certified Yoga instructors and have gone through rigorous gurukula system of training – learning by repetitive practice under the supervision of senior, more experienced teachers. They learn to have sensitivity, respect and a deep understanding of the human anatomy.The skilled team of yoga teachers will be your companions through your yogic journey unfold the treasures of the Vedic Science.



Founder : Satya Narain 

Satya Narain has invested in wellness and holistic health through Yoga .He is an energetic yoga instructor with advanced training in Hatha yoga and a Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga . His whole purpose is to uplift and inspire his students, to encourage them to live mindfully and in their truth, both on and off the mat. 
His Yogic journey began in 2013. His focus is on perfection and he specializes in History and Philosophy of Nature Cure and Traditional Yoga, focusing more on anatomy and alignment. He has inspired many of his students to lead themselves towards a deeper level of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle along with mental peace.

Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar is an enthusiastic yoga instructor with years of experience teaching yoga poses to his students. He has studied Yogic Science . Rohit has led yoga classes for students with different skill levels . With his experience and knowledge he has promoted balance of the body and mind through effective teaching and demonstrations . He has  got his  knowledge for providing health and wellness information from the Uttarakand Sanskrit University, Haridwar.

Sachin Bhardwaj

Sachin Bhardwaj is an International Yoga Instructor with more than five years of  teaching experience in India , Russia and China. He has master’s degree in both Sanskrit and Yoga. Sachin is a trained Naturopathy and Yoga Science Therapist from Yogram, Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar (Uttarakhand). In Moscow (Russia) he has worked as a yoga teacherand have  successfully conducted wokrshops, seminars, concern with hatha yoga, Pranayama , Yog nidra and meditation. He was also associated as a trained yoga teacher in Wang She Yoga Studio , China.

Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar is a master of poses and has a profound knowledge about Vedic philosophy . A student of life-long learning, Deepak is a Edu M.A. and has a certification from Patanjali as a yoga teacher. Deepak emphasis’s on the traditional practice of yoga without any modern twists. He believes and  promotes the practice of Meditation to his students . According to him yoga is for all those aspiring for an enhanced mind, an awakened spirit that dwells in a healthy body